Tamil Nadu

MP's for the state of Tamil Nadu and in the Indian National Congress party.

MP's Name MP's Constituency
Aaron Rashid,Shri J.M. Theni
Alagiri,Shri S. Cuddalore
Chidambaram,Shri Palaniappan Sivaganga
Chitthan,Shri N.S.V. Dindigul
Gnanadesikan Shri B. S. -
Krishnaswamy,Shri M. Arani
Natarajan Smt. Jayanthi -
Natchiappan Dr. E.M. Sudarsana -
Ramasubbu,Shri S. S. Tirunelveli
Tagore,Shri Manicka Virudhunagar
Vasan Shri G.K. -
Viswanathan,Shri P. Kancheepuram(SC)
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